Nominate us, damn it!




Okay, it’s not only that time of the the year again, it’s the end of that time of year – the very small window of time when Saveur assembles its collection of nominees for best food blogs of 2015.   We think they keep the nominating time short just to see who’s paying attention and who’s sleeping at the wheel.  And because they’ve got better things to do than sift through 5 million blog nominations.

Did you like our post about Poached Pears with Roquefort Ice Cream?  How about those detailed instructions on making preserved lemons?  Do like all these recipes developed by Jody or (let’s face it, the real reason you come to The Garum Factory) all those groovy shots of stuff being poured or sprinkled or stirred?   Do you think that stuff happens by magic?  What about those visual tours of scary exotic locales where we go so you don’t have to.  Like Italy, or France?  Do you now grill figs and then top them with Greek yogurt and chestnut honey?   Do you tell your friends where you found out about that quaint ethnic trick, or do you shrug modestly and say, “Oh, it was just something I came up with,”?   We’ll keep your secret.  In return you have to nominate us.

Here’s the scoop – you’ve got until March 13th to nominate us, oh, a couple dozen times  nominate your favorite blogs.  There are various categories.  Don’t worry, it’s wicked easy, and I’m not going to bore you with the details.  The point is, to make it to the actual judging part, we need a raft of nominations and notarized statements asserting how the blog ended your Family Guy addiction, got your kids into a good school, made a spot for you in a debt forgiveness program, improved your sex life, finally explained what bottarga is, and showed you how to hack your ATM card to gain admittance to the First Class lounge in most international air terminals.  We need nominations to get noticed, let alone make it to the judging round.  So please nominate us, many times.


And after we your favorite blogs make it to the finals round be sure to return to the same place March 30th to April 8th to vote for us your favorites.  Don’t worry about the really really short time to vote for the winners.  We’ll remind you.  Hourly.  Thanks.  Ken


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  1. tried to leave a query concerning WHERE to vote but wordpress didn’t want to go thru w it…. sent pecan tile recipe to olafur xoxox a

    • You’re the second person to ask, so clearly I need to hightlight the link more. I just changed it, so it’s more visible. Click on the link in the next to last paragraph (it’s all in UPPER CASE). Thank you very much. Ken

      • It’s the Wild West out there with all this social media, best ofs, web awards, blog top tens, and all that. I think it’s time Garum Factory got some stamps of approval. Happy to be an enabler.

  2. Hi Ken, can you give me the link to nominate you? I’d be happy to do it. I think your blog is fantastic. judith

  3. Of course I will nominate the blog.. Hardest part is to decide my favorite pieces from this past year. Love all the photos, makes me want to be in Sardinia right now.! Let’s get the Garum Factory a winning spot damn it:). Cheers, BA

  4. ‘Nominate us Damn it!’ Hmmm. I did not have to wonder which WordPress blog this could be as i opened it. A post so filled with Food Porn, how could I not nominate you folks, for everything? Good luck! xx

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