Strawberries with Marsala Zabaglione

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that local farm-grown strawberries please me almost as wild ones.  They’re back now, at least in Massachusetts, which is what makes Strawberries with Marsala Zabaglione finally possible.   


Lazy Man’s Sheet Pan Apple Tart

Although I can manage a country-style loaf of sourdough bread, more refined baking is my Achilles heel.  I avoid making pastry the way I avoid hanging doors or framing windows.  In a post-apocalyptic  world where my survival depended on advanced carpentry skills to keep the zombies out I would muddle through, but in the meantime …

Rhubarb rhubarb fool

There’s something jokey about rhubarb, the way it passes for a fruit when it’s really a vegetable, the sexy red exterior seducing the unwary into a tart encounter, the way it can be fully ripe and–in the case of field rhubarb–fully green.  Even the alternative uses of the word itself have a kind of prankish …