Wiring – Part Deux


Dust.  Dust everywhere.  Dust up the river.  Dust in the counting houses.  Dust atop the rooftops and down the chimneys.  Dust creeping into the collier-brigs, dust settling between the toes of the subway captain, and above in the yards of a great (and dusty) city.  The fortune cookie that accompanied the newsboy’s take-out Beef Chow Fun last night read, EXPECT VACUUMING.  The photographer dreads dust the way vampires (old school) fear garlic.  He glides in across his dusty parquet like a thief and is put in mind of astronauts doing their bouncy-bouncy across the Mare Tranquillitatis, clouds of lunar poussière rising to envelope them to their shins.

Out of dust we are taken and to dust we shall return, at least until Monday.  We had hoped The Garum Factory would be back to a full production schedule by now, the TGF team happily lounging about the factory terrace overlooking the Adriatic as we lunched alfresco on Burnt Wheat Cavatelli.  What babes in the wiring woods we were!  I’m afraid the enforced interregnum continues, at least until next Friday’s post, when all we have to fear are the painters.

We.  Will.  Be.  Back.

Wiring 2-1-2




Jody returns next week, perhaps with something to say about her trip to Haiti. Until then, relish your dust-free life. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.  

Click on any picture to see a larger view.

25 thoughts

  1. Oh, I feel for you! I moved my family into a new home last fall and soon after we proceeded to dig into the walls to make unforeseen repairs to electric and plumbing. What a mess — cough cough. Most everything was still in boxes, but of course I’d unpacked the kitchen. I’m still finding bowls and odd things with a fine layer of dust on them…it creeps behind cabinet doors. I can relate about getting compulsive with the vacuum; I had mine in hand every day as the workers were headed out the door. I admire that you paused to compose some lovely images – there’s beauty in the disarray. Hope it’s over very soon!

    • The photos were a consolation prize. Thank you. The ordeal will end soon – and Jody’s experience in Haiti puts it in perspective. I’m not taking a machete to green coconuts in order to feed my kids. Ken

    • They’re a break from my usual run of visual opportunities, which is nice, and since there are fewer of them I have more time to play with the editing. But thanks for the encouraging words – book the gallery, would you? I’m on the way over. Ken

  2. “We. Will. Be. Back.” This reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator” (“I’ll be back!”). Very appropriate and witty, especially considering the (most unfortunate) wiring issues.
    Wishing your home and wires a speedy recovery – and your vacuum a long and sturdy life. It’s going to get a workout! May your weekend by trouble-free.
    Best, Shanna

  3. We lived through 9-11pm roadworks for a couple of months last year. Which were followed by 8am on Sunday morning roadworks for a few more weeks (I was certain the same bit of road got dug up a few times so different bits of utilities wiring can be installed, one utility per week). Not quite the close quarters intimacy of your dust storm, but we learned the true meaning of that phrase about silence and gold. Good luck with the rest of it, look forward to TGF returning.

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