An Unfortunate Series of Events

Wiring 3-1-2

Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate series of events we’ve discovered that safety bids us rewire our home.  Gaaaaaaccckkk!  Aside from the killer expense (more Gaaaaaccckkk!) and inconvenience of having wires dangling everywhere, there is also the attendant problem of dust, bane of cameras and food.  Arrhythmia in the heartbeat of life are never welcome, but this could have been far worse.  And as it happens Jody’s going to be in Haiti this next week, conferring with the the hospitality engineers in the new Partners in Health hospital in Mirebalais.

Once the wiring is finished, we’ll have to paint.  We’re hoping we’ll land on the other side of this with only a week lost.  Our preserved limes are definitely ready and incredibly delicious.  If, like us, you harbored doubts, harbor no more–make them!  We’ve also got a great dish involving ras al hanout coming up.  In the meantime, if you’re not treasuring the opportunity to scroll through previous posts, you might check out a few blogs I’ve only recently discovered and enjoyed: Mrs. Portly’s KitchenMy Home Food That’s Amore and The Kitchen’s Garden.

Seeing what someone else has found appetizing in the blogosphere is akin to getting a few moments to study your dinner hosts’ bookcases, a socially-acceptable form of voyeurism.  If you’re game, you might check out my Food to Try board on Pinterest.  See you when we’re back on the grid!  Enjoy.  Ken

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  1. Sorry about the home misfortune, but, speaking of good fortune, I was pleased when catching up on last Sunday’s NY Times to see a little blurb (in the travel section) that James Beard award-winning chef Jody Adams would be leading a cycling trip through Sardinia. Hope the thought of that trip gets you through the dark and dusty days ahead. Congratulations.

    • Something nice to have encountered. As a kid, I went with my family on “farm vacations,” pretty much fun on small family farms–milking, bailing hay, up close to real animals. All good things. Ken

    • Jody has been a longtime supporter of PIH, with fundraisers for them both in and out of the restaurant, and periodic trips to Haiti, first to witness firsthand the quake damage, then the progress of the hospital at Mirebalais, and finally as a consultant for the hospitality department of the new hospital, including helping to arrange training in Boston for the head of the hospitality department at Mirebalais. For a more detailed look at our last trip to Haiti, go here:, where there is also a link to a more extensive collection of photographs, if you’re so inclined. Ken

    • I think you probably understand what we’re going through, except you ended up with a new kitchen after, didn’t you? The disruption of construction drives me crazy. Ken

  2. Gaak indeed, good luck! I’ve made preserved lemons using your recipe, hopefully they are ready to use, and just in time for the last of our truly hot and humid weather when middle eastern flavours seem to hit all the right notes.
    And, thanks for the book/blog shelf voyeurism, as if I needed more reasons to waste time instead of finishing that bit of work (mind-twistingly technical yet subjective bit of report writing, if such a thing is possible). :-)

    • The lemon, limes and kumquats are all ready. Eventually we’ll get back in the groove and they’ll start popping up in blog posts. Glad you enjoyed the blogs – all good people. Ken

  3. Oh my how I can commiserate … you poor things! However, just think how lovely and fresh and full of “new” energy your home will be, it can only inspire you to greater gastronomic heights. Thank you SO MUCH for the mention of my blog! I had no idea … and I really appreciate it! May the angels of home-rewiring shower your home with a speedy ‘recovery’ !

  4. Gargh! indeed. Speaking as the owners of a beautiful but crumbling house we sympathise with your woes. Nothing worse than plaster dust in your food. Hope all goes well with the electrical work and meanwhile thanks for the kind words and recommendation. All the best, Linda x

    • All the interesting people in the world live in crumbling, but beautiful old houses–don’t get me started on our slate-worth-the-cost-of-an-American-university-education roof. That’s what you pay for character. :-) And I think others will find your blog as appealing as I do. Ken

      • Well, if you’re ever in our part of the world, come and visit. I can guarantee (fingers crossed, making myself a hostage to fortune here) a non-leaking roof and a warm welcome.
        And thanks again, you’re very generous. x

  5. I so feel your pain. Our ongoing remodeling issues stem directly from the crappy electrical work that is now in the process of being redone pushing back our move in date to most probably the end of the month. So, we are living in moving H*E*Double Hockey Sticks. My camera equipment and a good portion of my props are in the remodel while boxes and partially packed items are in the house we are moving from. By the way, preserved limes sound wonderful. I will have to check that out. Good luck with the electrical work.

    • How grim for you. You, I’m sure, are clearly operating on a larger scale than us, although I do envy you not having to live in the same environment where the work is being done. As it happens, we’re going to lose two weeks, not one. Still, small potatoes next to your struggle. Thanks for the words of sympathy and good luck. Ken

  6. Does this ever bring back memories. What started as what we thought was a blown fuse, ended up being a complete re-wiring of my building’s 2 kitchens and the fuseboxes, now circuit breaker boxes. Of course, I’m glad that it was done … now. At the time I wasn’t so happy about it. Still, I sleep much easier knowing that every thing’s safe and up to code. I’m sure that you will, too. Hang in there.

  7. Who needs electricity when there is a cell and so many wireless spots?
    I say you go mobile with the Garum Factory for the two weeks, perhaps a market visit, ethnic markets. Man on the street style, improv, pop up Blog, underground Garum…thoughts?

    • Jim–I wouldn’t mind doing that, but Jody’s in Haiti, and I’m spending my days this week and next trying to get my parents into an assisted living community. That, along with the wiring, and the repercussions of h.s. daughter’s minor auto accident, is consuming my days. Ken

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