Eat, drink, help.

The barricades have come down, and the improvised memorials for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing have been moved to Copley Square park, but still, every day, fresh flowers and notes and signs appear, including the three small presents in the first photo.   (And no, I didn’t look inside them.)  I visited a week ago this past Sunday – the photos show what I found.

For the next month visitors to the Boston area will find multiple opportunities to eat and drink in ways that directly assist the families affected by events on Marathon Monday.

To begin, Rialto is hosting a WINE DINNER TO BENEFIT THE ONE FUND with  winemaker Marco Pallanti of the Tuscan vineyard Castello di Ama this Wednesday evening, May 8th at 7:00 PM.  Spectacular food and wine.  Click on the link for the full menu with wines, and reservation info.  As of this writing there are 6 seats remaining.

Visit fabled Fenway Park (Go Sox!) for BOSTON BITES BACK on Wednesday, May 15th, from 6 – 10 PM.   The link offers more details, an hourly update of participating chefs and restaurants (your favorites are probably already there, including Rialto), and access to Charity Buzz’s online auction.

On May 1st Boston area chefs and restaurateurs announced the formation of the ALL FOR ONE to support The One Fund Boston.  (Thank you, Tim and Nancy Cushman of O Ya for coming up with this.)  Leaders in the Boston restaurant and food community will donate 1% of sales for the  month of May to – and raise awareness of  – The One Fund Boston.  When you make a reservation at your dining destination ask if the restaurant is participating in the ALL FOR ONE campaign.  

So, if you’ve been thinking about visiting Beantown–or you already live nearby–bring your appetite and your heart to a table where everyone is from Boston.   Thanks.  Ken

Boston Marathon - TGF-2

Boston Marathon - TGF-3

Boston Marathon - TGF-4

Boston Marathon - TGF-5

Boston Marathon - TGF-6

12 thoughts

  1. As always, great posting and pictures plus I will spread the word on all the upcoming events…I love how giving the restaurant /chef community is..what could be better, eating and drinking while helping those who are going to need lots of funds and support to return to full function? Thanks..BA

    • Thanks, BA. As a physical therapist you know better than anyone what the road ahead for many of these folks will be like. On another note, dinner was fun–sorry if I seemed a little burnt out. Ken

    • Thank you, Sophie. Credit me with being the most obtuse photographer on the planet. At the time I took the photo I just thought it was unusual to put these small boxes like Christmas presents amid the flowers and notes and shoes and baseball caps. There wasn’t anything else like them. Only later did their significance – 3 boxes, 3 deaths – occur to me. I think was too preoccupied by the quiet crowds surrounding each of the sights, just silently standing and staring. Ken

  2. I’m sure the events will be well attended, Ken, and I’m glad to see that a “super fund” has been created to help the victims, many of whom who are going to need help long after the spotlight has focused elsewhere. You’re opening photo is really moving. Worth a thousand words, indeed.

  3. That’s beautiful. I wish I could go to Boston right now. I am going to share this on facebook. There are many artists that play there that will be very supportive of the cause.

    • Ayako, thank you SO much. We’re hoping for great turnouts at all events. Sorry you won’t be around for the Castello di Ama wine dinner–I’ll let you know how it goes. :-) Ken

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