In our absence…

Okay, so this is the week without a regular posting because we were gallivanting about the Old World.  In the absence of a Garum Factory recipe, I have a few recommendations for goodies from other blogs that I read regularly.

Just remember, we’ll be back next week.  We know where to find you.

Rachel, over at rachel eats, my favorite non-Italian living in Rome and appreciating-la-dolce- vita bloggerdeconstructs Tiramisu, and man does it look good.  Rachel may the only food blogger who writes longer intros than I do, while never failing to entertain,  inform and make me wish were lucky enough to live in the Eternal City (that is, if I couldn’t live in Puglia).  An earlier post of hers is nearing the top of my to-make list: Salsa di Nocia garlicky walnut sauce made with stale bread, milk and Parmesan that’s equally at home in a bowl of pasta or spread over toast.  You get to use your mortar and pestle, always fun.

And in the “food from another country” category you might give a look to Chilli and Mint, where Torie, married to a British Indian, teasies out the most interesting recipes from her collection of Asian cookbooks.  She’s currently welcoming autumn with a Peach and Chilli Chutney, but I’m still intrigued by a previous piece on a spicy specialty of Southern Chinese cooking, Three Cup Chicken.

Stephen and Michelle have temporarily decamped from Gourmandistan (no, Ken, Gourmandistan is a state of mind, not an actual place) to France, where they’re suffering from internet intermittency syndrome.  However, since plums are still in season, it’s worth making your own pilgrimage to Gourmandistan for a delicious Plum and Blueberry Crumble.  If for some freakish reason you still have access to real strawberries, read their penultimate post, where they put a French spin on a Strawberry Parfait.

Still can’t let go of summer?  Sally Vargas at Cooking Lessons squeezes the last of the season past out of tomatoes in Fattoush – A Lebanese Bread and Tomato Salad.  If that isn’t enough for you – and you’ve got zucchini piling up to your ears – you might also check out her post on Golden Zucchini Cakes with Fresh Tomato Sauce.  If you like baking photography take a spin back through her blog – it almost make you think you too can make a perfect pie crust.

Frittatas, meh.  Fritattas always look so good to me, but my results always seem so much less than the sum of their parts.  HOWEVER: Steve, from Oui, Chef, has inspired me to put my frittata skills (and stomach) on the line one more time with his Leek, Shiitake and Gruyere Frittata.  I mean, leek-shiitake-gruyere.  How could anything with those three elements be anything other than delicious?

Wouldn’t all of us be better off if we ate more eggplant?  Ever since my visit to Puglia, where beautiful eggplant is taken for granted, I’ve resolved to do my part.  Prescient Sara, over at Three Clever Sisters, wrote a post that eases my way, Fricasseed Chicken with Eggplant and Fresh Tomatoes.

I’m going to make it as soon as I finish mopping up this batch of Rachel’s Salsa di Noci with my crust of bread.  

We’ll be back next week with a foolproof recipe for an Italian dessert that quivers.  Ciao.  Ken

16 thoughts

  1. Hi Ken,
    Really appreciate the kind words re the above post. I also look forward to perusing over the other blogs you have recommended as well. Thought I better let you know that I am in fact English living in London but I do indeed have an British Indian hubbie ;o). No NZ roots I’m afraid!

      • Seriously no worries at all. I know a lot of lovely NZ folk hence the comment beneath my ‘About’ page. In fact I really must update that page and put in my contact details. I don’t think I make it very easy for people to get in contact with me. Have a great weekend. Torie

  2. I’d happily join you in Puglia – ideally near leech. Thank you for such a nice mention, you have a properly generous blog spirit. I could learn a thing or five from you both. Also glad you appreciate bread on bread. Cheers to you both Rach

    • You know, Lecce (I assume that’s what you meant) is gorgeous, but I think I like the smaller towns like Ostuni. Although on a future visit I’d like to be able to take in the archeological museums in Lecce, and not just the pastry.
      :-) Ken

  3. Come home!!

    Just wanted to say that I’ve brought the roasted plum tomatoes to two parties — a huge hit!! I’ve shared your blog with the party-goes and I believe that you’ve gone viral in Boston’s western suburbs.

    • Hi, Donna–Nice to hear from you! You know last night I was wandering about the kitchen late trying to find something to eat and then the thought came into my head: Oh, yeah, we still have some slow-roasted tomatoes left! Crushing disappointment followed–SOMEONE had eaten the last one. There ought to be a rule–he who eats the last SRT needs to start the next batch. I’m happy you like them so much. Ken

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! What a fun collection of links…I know some of these blogs and am happy to be introduced to others. Looking forward to that Italian dessert!

    • We had the Fricasseed Chicken with Eggplant and Tomatoes, with polenta, last night at friends’ home. It was great! Definitely one to revisit–especially with friends who claim not to be eggplant enthusiasts. A really lovely dish. Thanks. Ken

    • I’d like to suggest that I was a traveller of great derring-do, but the only thing I smuggled back was three carob pods (directly off the tree) that I’d forgotten were in the back pocket of a cycling jersey. :-) Ken

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