Glazed and Confused

Hi, Everyone–

For some reason a teaser for a post we haven’t yet published went out awhile ago.  Take my word for it – there’s no post there.

Sorry for the bother.  We will have a new post tomorrow – but it won’t have anything to do with glazing, or seafood, or confusion.



6 thoughts

  1. I like the unpredictability of it all. Just when we started to get complacent and yes, a little jealous, that neither rain, nor snow nor loss of photos prevents the Garum Factory from publishing a high quality post every Friday, we get that little Thursday non sequitur teaser. Kind of like an unexpected ingredient in an otherwise familiar dish. Can’t wait to see what Friday will bring.

  2. Keeps me on my toes. I was editing a template, the screen flickered, and i had that dreadful uh-oh sensation in my stomach. What was really weird was that in the WP dashboard, it showed the post as a DRAFT, not as PUBLISHED. Temporary relief however soon gave way to Right, I did screw up. Ha!


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