Have a strawberry…


Everyone needs to pause now and then, if only to taste the strawberries.  Jody and Roxanne are in Arizona, attending a colloquy of culinary muses, amid a tight schedule of avocado body wraps and açai-quinoa facial exfoliations.  With luck they’ll manage to squeeze in a field trip to Saguaro National Park or the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  I’m catching up on work.  We’ll be back July 3rd with a little something to add to your Independence Day grill fest that’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.  In the meantime, treat yourself to some strawberries.  Enjoy.  Ken

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    • Sorry, Torie. I’m not on the trip. I’m home working–okay, I took a bike ride today and walked around with my camera for an hour this evening. Here’s a startling fact about their trip: at 2:00 pm today it was 116 degrees F. in Phoenix; in Tucson, where they’re staying, it’s a relatively chilly 109. Ken

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