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  1. Hi! This looks wonderful, but I have to mention that I’m having a problem with moving through the information. The photos are lovely, but I want the recipe. Am I misunderstanding the process? Maybe I’m only going to see the pictures? My browser moves me through this post very slowly. Anyway, All the best!

    • Hi, Ann–I don’t know what’s up about the browser speed issue. I just took a look at the post on two different computers, no problem. The pictures are meant purely to be a visual walk through the recipe–not pictures AND instructions. The instructions are in the main body of the post, where they usually are. I’m playing around with our format so that people who aren’t quite so interested in the photos won’t have to do so much scrolling, and the people who do want to see them, can see them writ large. We’ve thought about interspersing instructions with photos, but that only creates problems for people who want to cut and paste the recipe. All of this stuff will be resolved this next year, presumably after we begin self-hosting the blog. Thanks for commenting. Ken

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