Saloniki Spanakopita



Spanakopita is a Greek spinach pie. Few ingredients, lots of steps. Some of you may cry, “JFC! This is what you choose for your first post??!! There’s a million steps! What were you thinking – I’m trapped in a three-room apartment with two kids while my spouse and I fight for space for our laptops on the kitchen table with the glitter gun projects and stray lego pieces!”

We made it for the simple reason that the ingredients were what we had on hand – flour, feta, lots of greens, a eek and some garlic. 

Pistachio and Blood Orange Torte

I first came across a version of the cake that evolved into Pistachio and Blood Orange Torte in Nigella Lawson’s HOW TO EAT. Three things grabbed me about the recipe–how simple it seemed, even for a pastry klutz like me, that it called for cooking oranges for two hours, and that it had no flour.

Two hours! Would the oranges be mush? Inquiring minds needed to know, but inquiring minds didn’t have two hours to spend watching oranges break down. Enter my friend, the pressure cooker.

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Lemon-Bay Scones with Currants

On Christmas morning we usually have something special.  This year Jody decided on scones, Lemon-Bay Scones with Currants.  Which meant that this past week she’s been running a bake-a-thon in quest of the perfect scone.  I work at home, usually alone, and the availability of incredible treats can make the atmosphere just a little too …