Fight Cancer – Support Team Rialto-Trade!

Over the past few years cancer has come into both Jody’s and my life.  Two of our sisters developed breast cancer and Jody’s dad, Tom Adams, passed of lung cancer not long ago.  The  horrible insight that accompanied those events was how commonplace they were.  Nothing like seeing cancer in someone connected to you to wake you up to the fact that everyone either has had a family member or someone whom they love with cancer.

Two years ago we joined the effort to make cancer the exception, rather than the rule.  Jody founded a cycling team to ride in the PanMassChallenge.  All of us, friends and family of Rialto, helped raise $65,000. The PMC is the largest cycling fundraiser in the United States, with 100% of rider raised donations going to support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute through its Jimmy Fund.


Team Rialto. Jessica, our “pedal partner,” gave us a giant thank-you card at one of the stops on the first day’s route.

Team Rialto-Trade is coming on line for 2013.   We share a love of food, wine, seeing the world over a set of handlebars, and doing our bit in the struggle against cancer.  For some of us, this will be a personal best, the longest two-day ride of our lives.  For others, it will be a renewal of a promise made last year–fighting cancer.  But before that there will be riding, lots of riding, and hills, lot of hills, and fund-raising, LOTS of fundraising.

Just to be clear – the cause is raising money for cancer research; the ride is the reward.

Click here to support Team Rialto-Trade via Jody’s PMC online page.

The link will redirect you a secure online donations page.  Thank you.  Go Team R-T!

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  2. We see so many initiatives to fight the menace of cancer these days. However, only those who have lost some loved one to the deadly disease can understand what fighting this disease is like. I wish God gives you all the strength and courage to fight these tough times. Thanks!

  3. Hi to both of you. I agree, cancer only really bears down on you when someone you love is affected by it. My sister in law and my son are both undergoing treatment. I wish you well. Graham…..YourHobby…..

    • Hi, Graham–I’m so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and your son. The latter must be particularly hard. I hope that things go well for all of the people you love. Ken

    • Hi, NE–Thanks for stopping by. You comment reminded me I need to update this page. Since I first wrote it, Team Rialto-Trade has raised over $450,000 for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. It gives all of us a sense of doing something in the face of what is all too often only a feeling of helplessness, plus we get to contribute in a concrete way toward advancing research for a cure. Ken

      • I am so glad! What a wonderful accomplishment and we all will be keeping you in our prayers. Just know that there are people like me sending lots of hugs and wonderful healing thoughts your way.

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